New to investing?

Why should I invest in UK real estate?
The UK property market has a long track record as being a ‘safe-haven’ investment. Here at Hubb, we are experts in identifying and acquiring under-utilised real estate assets in emerging and high demand locations, and transforming them into great investment opportunities. This is why we can offer our exclusive group of investors, the high returns that we have successfully delivered in the past.

What are the risks involved?
Each investment opportunity is individually calculated with careful consideration to current political, economic and competitive markets, with contingencies in place for investment safeguarding, resulting in realistic and achievable return-on-investment projections. To date, we are proud to say that we have consistently delivered exceptionally high returns to our clients, but remember that there are no hard and fast rules in terms of profit and no absolute guarantees. As with any investments, prices can fall as well as rise, and so it is possible you can lose money on an investment with us.

About us

What is your experience in developing and refurbishing properties?
The team at Hubb Property Group has a vast amount of experience in the real estate sector, from acquisition through to disposal. With a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record, the team works under the leadership of Ollie Hawthorne, the CEO and CEO and Chief Investment Officer. Ollie has extensive experience in investing and developing properties and has built up a solid network of contacts from his valued stakeholders, who together have successfully delivered multiple development and investment projects to date.

What checks are carried out prior to the launch of an investment opportunity?
Each investment opportunity is subject to a thorough due diligence process which includes professional services such as an independent valuation and building survey carried out by a member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

Investing with us

What is the minimum/maximum investment?
Each investment opportunity will have a minimum investment and this is dependent on the amount of funding required. As an example, a £3m fund may have a £250,000 minimum investment threshold, whereas a £500,000 fund may have a £25,000 threshold.

There is no maximum investment size.

What is a Loan Note Instrument?
A Loan Note Instrument is a type of contract that specifies when a loan must be repaid and also the interest payable.

Will any fees be charged?
There are no fees payable on any of our investment opportunities.

I’d like to invest. What’s the next step?
Prior to making any investment with us, you must send us proof of address and identification. You will also be required to complete a Source of Funds Declaration in line with the government’s Anti-Money Laundering (AML) requirements.

What happens if the total investment is not met or if the vendor withdraws from the sale?
Funds will be returned to our clients in full. Alternatively, they can choose to move their funds to an alternative investment opportunity.

Can I invest through a limited company?
Yes, but we will need the company registration certificate, ID for each shareholder and director, and a completed Source of Funds form.

Your investment

Will my investment be secure?
We offer a secured lending facility for our exclusive group of clients so they know that their funds are invested in ‘bricks and mortar’ and have peace of mind when investing with us.

We purchase each investment through a private limited company so it is financially separated from all assets and liabilities within Hubb Property Group.

We ensure there is a dedicated Special-Purpose Vehicle (SPV) attached to each limited company formed. An SPV will ensure that the company only carries out activities involving the investment and development of real estate assets.

Our clients’ funds are recognised on a Debenture (floating charge) for each SPV, and registered with Companies House so they are publicly available and recognised on any searches. High street lenders work similarly to this when offering a mortgage on a home, but instead of a charge secured on the property, our investors will have a charge secured on the SPV/company.

What happens if I want my money back before the Loan Note Instrument maturity date?
As soon as you transfer your investment to a project, the Loan Note Instrument for that project will be enforced. Loan Note Certificates are transferable but there is no guarantee of a secondary market so you should plan to invest for the full term.

How do I get my investment after a Loan Note Instrument has matured?
We will repay your investment into your bank account, along with the accrued (or any remaining) interest.

How is interest calculated?
Interest is non-compounding, and is calculated on a daily rate, based on a 365 day year.

When will the interest be paid?
The interest on our long-term investment projects such as student and commercial are typically paid quarterly. The interest on our short-term development projects is paid at the end of the project term / upon sale of the asset.

How do I know what is going on with my investments?
We regularly update our clients via newsletter, however they are free to contact us at any time for additional or interim updates.

What happens if Hubb Property Group becomes insolvent?
Hubb Property Group acts independently of each company and is simply a holding company. In the unfortunate circumstance that this were to happen, your funds will continue to be protected by the legal charges in place for each individual project.

UK Taxation

Will you deduct any tax on the interest before distributing?
UK investors receive the quoted interest (i.e. the full interest as there are no fees charged). No other deductions will be made, unless you are an overseas client – in which case, please refer to the “International Clients” section below for further details.

Will I need to pay any Personal Income Tax on the interest received?
Clients may be required to pay income tax in accordance with their individual income tax banding.

International Clients

Can I still invest if I am a non-UK resident?
Yes, but all non-UK residents must satisfy themselves that they are complying with the laws of their own country before they invest.

Please note: Non-UK clients must supply two proofs of address the first time they invest with us in order to comply with anti-money laundering legislation. Bank account statements and utility bills are acceptable, but mobile phone bills are not.

Will I need to pay any tax on the interest?
Any interest paid to non-UK residents from projects with a 12-month term or more, may be subject to a 20% Withholding Tax.

Please be aware that this tax is a retention tax only and therefore, non-UK residents can claim back this tax if their country of residence falls within the list of Double Tax Treaties. We recommend seeking further tax advice in your own country, but typically, you should be able to offset the tax when completing your own country’s tax return, or you can be one step ahead and prevent any Withholding Tax being deducted by consulting this link from HMRC.


We always welcome feedback. If you would like to get in touch with comments or suggestions, including ways in which we can improve our services or business processes, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Ollie or the team by email at enquiries@hubb.co.uk or by phone on +44 (0)20 3949 8422.

Equally, we love to share testimonials and positive feedback with our client network.