Reasons to Invest

By investing in property via an investment partner like Hubb Property Group, investors can take advantage of many benefits, including diversification, liquidity and simplicity.

When going it alone, direct investors looking to gain exposure to the UK property market need to fund a complete purchase or part-purchase, part-borrow. Add in buying costs, stamp duty, management fees and renovation costs, and the process can become costly in terms of both money and time.

Working with a property partner can alleviate these costs and create a hassle-free investment process that’s often equally as rewarding. Investors are presented with exciting opportunities in the form of pre-negotiated, ready-to-go investment properties or projects and are invited to invest as much or as little as they wish.

This straightforward investment method allows investors the opportunity to easily diversify and grow their portfolios by simultaneously investing smaller amount in multiple opportunities, spending risk and without having to be actively involved in the day-to-day management of each property. It really is that simple.

Below we have outlined just some of the reasons investors work with us…

Reasons to invest

  • Invest as little or as much as you like – We create opportunities for investors to access to the property market with investments starting from £20,000.
  • Diversify your portfolio – Invest across multiple projects to create a diversified portfolio providing balance and the potential for even stronger returns.
  • Enjoy the freedom of choice – Whether it’s development projects, buy-to-lets, or HMOs, review and select opportunities that meet your individual requirements and financial goals.
  • Work to your own timescale – From short term development projects to longer term buy-to-lets, select opportunities with timescales that work for you
  • Benefit from expert knowledge and experience – Extensive due diligence is carried out by experienced property professionals with all information available to investors.
  • Don’t pay any fees – We don’t charge any fees, so your investment will be working for you without expenses eating in to the profitability of investments.
  • Invest within minutes – Under normal circumstances, buying a property can take months; this way allows you to invest within minutes (providing all documentation is in place).
  • Access specialist deals – Our team will source quality properties and secure them for less due to their knowledge and buying power, often securing off-market deals.
  • Invest without the stress – There’s no need to concern yourself with the hassle of estate agents, contractors, solicitors, tenants and maintenance – our team takes care of it all.

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