What we do

Our business model is simple and highly effective. It begins with identifying an opportunity that no one has yet spotted and ends with a successful return on investment.


It begins with discovering the opportunity. This takes time, in-depth knowledge and the right connections. We use our links with agents, land owners, auction houses, and other industry connections, to keep us aware of changes in the market.

When we have identified an opportunity, we carry out our due diligence by building a detailed, quantified assessment of each project.


After an opportunity has been signed off, we start the acquisition stage. Here, we purchase the property through a private limited company with a dedicated Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV).

We then issue an investment pack which sets out the estimated returns you can expect, your rights and protections as an investor, and the associated risks.


Our aim is to strip each property back to its bare shell so we can then rebuild it to add space and increase the number of bedrooms in order to boost the re-sale value and/or rental yields.

With our experienced contractors and the efficiency we insist on, we have managed to develop properties to a high standard within a very short timescale.


Each SPV is asset managed in-house: we monitor rental and service charge income and reconciliations, source tenants, negotiate terms and perform rent reviews.

Each quarter, investors will be paid interest based on annual rate. We use our close contacts with lettings agencies to ensure the property is occupied at all times, in order to achieve our expected rental income.


When we believe the market is at the right point for making a beneficial sale, we put the property on the market with the aim of finding a buyer quickly. Once sold, we close the SPV, and investors receive their original investment plus any interest accrued.

We are proud to say that we have consistently delivered exceptionally high returns to our investors, but there are no hard and fast rules in terms of profit and no absolute guarantees.